These are some glitches found in Zombinis. Due to the game being popular on Google+ and Facebook, glitches are very rare.

Discovered GlitchesEdit

Damage GlitchEdit

A 2x damage will become a 1x damage and vice versa. This often can fustrate players.

Block GlitchEdit

When the block charm is used, it will block all damage, not one. This glitch is very rare.

Regenerate GlitchEdit

When a Zombini uses regenerate, the body part will be seen, but the health bar won't show. This glitch often confuses players.

Chain Lightning GlitchEdit

In Leaderboard fights (but not the missions), when a Zombini uses chain lightning, it damages all of the opponent's Zombinis, but their health point is not updated in the game. It creates an illusion that it didn't work, while in fact it does work. When it is the damaged Zombini's turn to attack, it will be shown with full health, but it dies before its health reaches zero. Once replaced by the next Zombini, the dead Zombini will be shown again in the attack/defense party, but in reality it is dead.

Healing GlitchEdit

Sometimes if a zombini is fixed too fast, one of the body parts doesn't get fixed, even though the game client shows it as fixed. As a result, the zombini may not appear in the attack/defense squad or may appear damaged in the attack squad. Refreshing the game gets it to the correct state.

Neighbor Graveyard GlitchEdit

After dug, a neighbor's graveyard can be dug again before 10 hours. This glitch is very common. It is often repetetive.

Healing Cooldown GlitchEdit

Sometimes, a damaged zombini with many hours left to completely regenerate will suddenly appear fully healed. In such a case, the zombini is indeed healed and this is a server glitch.

Energy Regeneration GlitchEdit

Apparently, the game client has a faster time than the server. As a result, leaving the game open for long, the energy is shown to have regenerated more than it has actually done. Often this makes the player believe that their energy is almost full, while in reality it is only slightly more than half the maximum value. Reloading the game, or performing an energy consuming action will correctly update the energy amount.