"Zombinis is a collectible battle game featuring adorable and somewhat explosive zombies with detachable body parts. Play it today!"
— The Google+ invitation for Zombinis
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"A charming zombie battle-collection game set in Zombiniland, a country in shambles after alien invasion. Watch the body parts fly as you lead your squad of Grunks, Zukks, Broons and more into battle against the Kroton Army."

"Save Zombiniland, with your undead companions, from the evil and misguided Kroton Army as they try to liberate your country from itself. Battle the invaders and lead your furry, slimy and featherbound army to reclaim the sea, land and air of the motherland. Let your dice do the talking as you dismantle opponents piece by piece, literally, while you discover new lands and recruit new Zombinis to your squad."

- East Side Games


The main goal of this wiki is to provide statistics, levels summaries, and general info to help players of the game Zombinis.

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